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Client feedback: tpm

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Some amazing feedback received from one of our most valued clients, Brian Quinn at tpm. This provider of apprenticeships and other training really epitomises all that is best about the independent provider sector: integrity, flexibility, resilience and dedication to the future and well-being of its students.

I have used the services of Scribe Associates for longer than I can remember and certainly over 14 years. I have known Pavlina even longer within the learning and skills sector in her previous roles. She embodies the epitome of professionalism at all times. Pavlina has a unique and admirable skill and capacity to totally personalise what she does in line with your company values aims and objectives. This is because she is 100% sensitive and attuned to working for your company. Given the opportunity she will become invaluable to your organisation; as she is to mine.

You could say one of the team but Scribe is so much more than that. I trust Pavlina and her team completely. Pavlina has a network of proven associates who know exactly what they’re doing. It still amazes me now that I can bounce a woolly idea at them and then simply trust that they bring that to life in a way I couldn’t describe. There’s no takeover, no drama, no waiting; just amazing and effective marketing brilliance every step of the way.

I have watched the Scribe team bring tpm’s Values, Vision and Mission to life and keep it so, whilst also doing the same for others in my sector and always retaining complete integrity and sensitivity to their individual clients.

Brian Quinn, director