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Six Reasons Why Skills Providers Need a Corporate Video

Video is becoming an increasingly popular format for sharing information. In a data-heavy society, people prefer to have information presented to them. There are currently 2 billion YouTube users and other platforms such as TikTok are quickly catching up. Cisco estimated in 2019 that four-fifths of internet traffic was videos. Users share videos on social media at a far higher rate than blogs. Is your provider missing out by not having a video? Here are five reasons why learning providers need a shareable corporate video.

1.     Video content is shared

Videos are easy to share between platforms. You can use a video from your website on all social media platforms. These videos can be easily shared and reach a wide audience very quickly. A viral video is promotion that money can’t buy.

2.     Video content reaches potential students, virtually

Due to the pandemic, restrictions can mean that you can’t rely on traditional recruiting methods. A video is a perfect way to show potential students your facilities and courses. Furthermore, you can use videos for your virtual open days and virtual careers fairs. Schools are increasingly putting together virtual careers events for students at home. A video is an ideal way of showcasing your training offer to school pupils at a virtual career evening.

3. Video content ranks well for SEO

Google algorithms heavily favour video content over text. A video will appear much higher in rankings than plain posts. Therefore, uploading videos to platforms such as YouTube and Facebook will help improve the chances of your content appearing in web searches. This means that you will have the edge over your competitors. Additionally, video works well on mobiles, so you are widening your reach.

4. Video content looks professional

A well-made video with good content will show how professional your training centre is. Your video will speak directly to your market and allow you to make a great impression. A good video will also build trust in your brand. Moreover, potential students will know that you haven’t just copied and pasted text to your website.

5. You can share more information with video content

It is far easier for potential students to watch a video that is a few minutes long than for them to read lengthy text. Long text can often be off-putting. Consequently, you can convey a lot more information in a video than you might have done in text. The visual aspect can keep people engaged for longer. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and stores them into memory for much longer. 

6. It is a cost-effective marketing tool

Creating video content can be much cheaper than you think. As videos are more likely to be shared and remembered, it’s a very cost-effective marketing tool. Furthermore, the results are easily measurable. You can quickly check how many people have engaged with and shared your content and your videos’ reach. Get in touch to find out more about our video production services.