The Team


Blogs, research, social media, technical writing

15 years’ experience in education, 3 in IT tech support. 

Likes: history, learning, reading, spending time with friends and family

Pet hates: narcissism, ignorance


Editorial, social media, PR, strategy, advertising 

Extensive communications experience across public/private sector spanning digital solutions, branding, marketing strategy and lead generation.

Likes: tennis, mountain biking, her Nespresso machine

Pet hates: apostrophe misuse, ineffective advertising


Graphic design, web design, photography, video



Copy-editing, proofreading, voice-overs

20 years’ experience of copywriting, editing and proofreading in the B2B sector. Member of the CIEP.

Likes: reading, laughing, films with subtitles, the Scottish accent

Pet hates: bad manners, bad grammar, misplaced confidence, unnecessary drama


Web development, brand strategy

30 years’ experience in brand protection/copyrighting.

Likes: swing jazz, AC Milan, his MX-5, Manga

Pet hates: Brexit


WordPress security & performance, ICT, hosting

25 years in ICT support, administration, project management. 15 years WordPress support & development. Also, PHP development, Linux (LAMP/LEMP) administration, Windows/AD system administration.

Likes: reading ancient Roman, Greek and Asian history, helping people, photography, exercise and the outdoors

Pet hates: arrogance without ability, out of context and overuse of the word “like”


Client liaison, strategy, project management

Over 25 years’ experience delivering communications services for the learning and skills sector.

 Likes: Europe, coffee, road trips, change

 Pet hates: dogma, dishonesty, repetition